Crickets are a clean label super food They are high in protein, vitamins and minerals. They have minimal environmental impact, utilising minimal water, feed and land, and emitting minimal greenhouse gases.

70% Protein
The same quality protein as high-end beef

20% Healthy fats
More omega-3 and omega-6 than salmon

chitin healthy fiber
Impoves gut health and reduces inflammation

High bioavailability of iron, calcium, zinc, B12, and more

No Antibiotics
In contrast to livestock farming, no super bacteria risk

No diseases

They are a nutritional superfood

Cricket are a nutritional powerhouse, here are some of the benefits of crickets.

Incredible flavour

Crickets have an earthy buckwheat tea like flavour, and savoury umami note reminiscent to a dashi broth.

They make an excellent savoury addition to soups, sauce and marinates.

When processed lightly, they also make an incredible pairing with sweet items such as chocolate truffles.

Crickets are truly addictive !

Resource efficient

They are incredibly resource efficient creatures, utilising minimal water, feed, energy and land.

They enjoy living in small confined spaces and could be a great opportunity to be farmed in urban areas.

Given the world’s current challenges with the food system, crickets make a great alternative to protein production.

A high value creating product

Crickets are able to turn low value food and agricultural by products to high value products. 100% of the crickets and their by products can be used.

Cricket waste or frass makes excellent fertilizer, The full biomass of crickets can be turned into food.

Even their oils can be used as salad dressing.